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  • September 21, 2017
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Benchmarking as tool will develop is a key instrument to developing Nigerian economy. In fact most government agencies and private establishments need to learn, copy and benchmark how things are done in most developed nations. However, while they try to learn best practices, they try to implement them without a proper documented checklist or requirement to follow; no planned implementation process and no methodologies for implementation. This has led to several failures in implementation of best practices.

The purpose of DU&T Consulting’s study tour was to see first-hand methodologies, techniques and best practices outside of the Nigeria. The goals was to provide participants with: 1) an authentic experience, 2) a better understanding of best practices in other countries, 3) hand-on applicability of knowledge, 4) the opportunity to forge new links between your organisation and the foreign organization you plan to benchmark and 5) well documented methodologies of implementation.

Who needs this service:

Medical Institutions, Waste Management , Public Utilities,  Mining and Mineral Resources, ICT Companies, Oil and Gas Companies etc

Corporate bodies and group of individuals can get involved in this study tour to countries like:

South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, China, United States of America, Germany, South Africa etc.

Enquiry: info@dutconsulting.com

+2348189870109, 08033746076

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