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  • December 14, 2020
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Diagnostic Review: Due Diligence: The first step of any governance restructuring program is a thorough assessment of the status and practices of corporate governance for the client highlighting specific areas of strengths and weaknesses;  current corporate governance structure; Governance/Reporting policies and procedures; supervisory board composition and responsibilities; minority shareholder’s rights and privileges; compliance with anti-monopoly rules in case when top officials hold positions in multiple companies. The outcome is an assessment report with recommendation

Developing a Implementation Plan:  The due diligence exercise is followed by a set of recommendations forming a comprehensive action plan or a governance restructuring roadmap. Our experts assist clients in developing, or recommending adjustments to the drafts of governance related documentations; the most important being the governance code, the charters and terms of reference for the board and committees and other governance organs, and key policies.

Implementing Action Plan: We carry out our commitment towards our clients and ensures that the governance action plans are followed through to implementation. We ensure balance of responsibilities between the supervisory board and the director/board of directors; developing internal policies (signing/counter signing procedures, reporting policies, risk management, KPIs, etc.); drafting/amending a company’s statutory documents and internal policies; ensuring proper formalization of such documents;  drafting shareholder agreements and other related documents (options and management agreements, employment contracts with the management, etc.); ensuring proper registration of the respective documents (charter, etc.) with the authorities of the relevant jurisdiction.

Communication, Training and Awareness: A cornerstone of appropriate implementation is building awareness to corporate governance among the firm’s concerned officers and their role therein through a series of trainings and workshops delivered by our experts. The implementation phase is also supported by regular follow-up on the progress.

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