DU&T Consulting

D.U&T Consulting is a firm of consultants established in September 2000. We specialize in  Training, Research, Strategic Consulting, Benchmarking, Consulting Outsourcing and Educational Management. DU&T Consulting is focused on providing high quality Management and Strategic Consulting Services.  DU&T Consulting’s Consultants have combined more than 100 years of leadership, management and supervisory experience. Our proven tools have helped thousands of employees and organizations be more effective, efficient and successful. We look forward to helping your organization ignite its leadership success.


 “To provide exceptional consultancy services to our clients through highly motivated employees and up-to-date technological innovations thereby satisfying all stakeholders.”


Our core value is competence combined with honesty and integrity with the main focus on the customers and their satisfaction.

Our Consulting Solutions are geared towards the following sectors:

 • Private Sector Organisations

• Central Government.

• Local and regional Government, including housing and urban development.

• Public utilities and other public service agencies, including regional development agencies.

• Public sector development agencies.

• Individuals.