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ASQ Certification is a prestigious and well respected certification that validates your credentials as a quality professional.  Our goal is to help you achieve certification which in turn increases your earning potential and marketability.  The first step in achieving ASQ Certification is to understand which Certified Quality Exam is best for you and your background.

Innovations for Quality, LLC is a company established to provide preparation training for the  Certified Quality exams administered by ASQ.   You can visit the ASQ website for more information on signing up for an ASQ Certification Exam  or to see if you meet the requirements to sit for an  ASQ Certification exam.

The training we provide is normal classroom training with one difference, you attend the classroom from your computer.  You can view the lecture, ask questions and seek clarification on specific topics like onsite training but now you have more flexibility.  Another key feature is all of the classes are recorded and you have access to them whenever you want.

How to Proceed with ASQ Certification Process

Here are a few study hints to help you on your journey to ASQ Certification whether you take our course or not.

Step 1
Review the various certifications for the one that best fits your background and
career objectives.  Make sure you meet the requirements of work experience and/or education.

Step 2

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Step 3
Obtain a copy of the ASQ Certification body of knowledge (BOK)  for the specific certification exam you are pursuing.  Use the Body of Knowledge as your roadmap for exam preparation.  This document not only explains what information is covered on the exam, but also what level of understanding must you have for it.   By reviewing the BOK, you should clearly be able to identify your weak areas and those areas in which you are stronger.

Step 4
Gather your study materials.  There are a multitude of excellent reference materials out there from ASQ and the Quality Council of Indiana that support preparation of the various certifications.  The exams are open book, so the important aspect is to obtain a reference that you are comfortable with and can navigate well.  It is important to understand that you can use your reference material during the exam.  You don’t want to rely on looking up everything, but certain questions lend themselves well for a quick reference.

Step 5
Read the material and study.  Continually reference the Body of Knowledge in during the study process to ensure you understand those key topics.

Step 6
Test yourself.  You can purchase sample questions from Quality Council of Indiana or ASQ.  It is important that you begin to test your knowledge in a timed format.  You cannot treat the questions as homework, but as a true timed quiz.  The actual ASQ exam will be timed and you must be prepared to manage your time during the exam. Take a free interactive sample exam to receive additional feedback on the questions that appear in the sample exam. Print out the paper-and-pencil sample exam (PDF, 259 KB) to see the actual test format, including instructions and test questions from past exams.

Step 7
Review the results to see what areas you are weak in and thoroughly understand why you are incorrectly answering questions.  Are you making mistakes relative to the interpretation of the question or did you not understand the information?

Step 8
Go back to step 4 and add new material from the body of knowledge, while continuing to study the previously reviewed material.  This is important, do not study the material and move on, you must keep revisiting the material to keep it fresh in your mind.

Additional Step:

Attend our classroom or online sessions

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