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  • November 1, 2022
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Working in a warehouse can present a number of hazards, which can potentially result in serious workplace injury. Adhering to good safety practices and procedures is crucial in ensuring the warehouse remains a safe environment and risks are minimized.

Warehousing injuries commonly result from one of the following: manual or mechanical handling tasks, slips, trips and falls, the use of and proximity to dangerous equipment, such as forklifts as well as the possibility of emergency situations.

Warehouse workers can be exposed to a wide range of hazards on the job, including forklift accidents, lifting injuries and falling objects. But with proper training, workers can proactively avoid safety risks and create a safer work environment. Learn safe practices for warehouse work related to conveyors, loading docks, vehicle use and more.

Following good practices while performing manual handling tasks is key to reducing the associated risks with warehouse management.

Course Objectives:

• The primary goal of this course is to teach you safe work procedures to follow in a warehouse environment. You will learn how to maintain a safe warehouse and identify common hazards.

• This Warehouse Safety program examines the various hazards that exist in a warehouse and how best to Manage them.

Course Content:

• Safe material handling and storage procedures

• Manual handling and mechanical stock handling

• Warehouse safety policy, objectives and targets

• Inventory management process risks

• Warehouse hazards and risk assessment

• Warehouse risk controls implementation

• Warehouse safety awareness and training

• Safe lifting techniques

• Protocol for proper vehicle and equipment use

• Working safely near loading docks and conveyor

• Warehouse safety documentations.

• Management emergency response Procedure

• Warehouse incident investigation and reporting

• Warehouse safety monitoring and evaluation

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