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Lead Auditor Course

The “ISO 22301:2019  Lead Auditor” course provides comprehensive training in the ISO 22301:2019  standard and all its requirements from the auditor’s point of view, as well as basic skills necessary to complete an  audit. It’s a practical-oriented training that should be considered “a must” for every ISO 22301:2019 Lead auditor. This intensive course is specifically designed to participants to serve as  ISO 22301:2019 Lead auditor (as required by ISO 22301:2019). The interactive training program, complete with quizzes, will provide the necessary technical knowledge and understanding of all ISO 22301:2019  requirements to implement the requirement of the standard and  complete ISO 22301:2019  audit. This ISO auditor training enable ISO 22301:2019 Lead auditor to:

  • Learn how to audit each and every ISO 22301:2019 requirements
  • Learn basic auditing skills;
  • Implement methods to comply with the ISO 22301:2019 requirements.
  • Auditing process and techniques
  • Auditor’s skills and techniques
  • To examine the requirements of ISO 22301:2019 from an Lead Auditor Perspective
  • Auditing reports process, corrective action and follow-up
  • Learn how to plan and conduct an ISO 22301:2019 audit, and how to report audit results;
  • Learn how to effectively use root cause analysis as part of the ISO 22301:2019  Business Continuity procedure on corrective action


  • Persons responsible for conducting internal and external audits according to ISO 22301:2019 requirements
  • Persons involved in the Business Continuity Management systems ISO 22301:2019


 Lesson 1: Background and Development of ISO 22301:2019

  • Definition of ISO 22301:2019
  • History of Business Continuity Management System
  • Major Changes in ISO 22301:2019
  • The Business Continuity Management Principles
  • Benefits of ISO 22301:2019
  • Types Of Audits
  • Why Management System Audits are needed

Lesson 2: Introduction to the Requirements of the ISO 22301:2019  Standard

  • Interpretations of Key Terms
  • Elements of a Business Continuity System
  • The ISO 22301:2019  Standard
  • Eight Principles of Business Continuity Management
  • Continual Improvement Cycle
  • Business Continuity Management Process Model
  • Business Continuity System Requirements
  • The Documentation Requirements of ISO 22301:2019
  • Management Responsibility
  • Resource Management
  • Product Realization
  • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

Lesson 3: The Process Management Approach

  • Process Management Approach
  • The Planning Phase
  • Establish Process Measurements
  • Analyze the Process
  • Design or Redesign the Process
  • Process Mapping

Lesson 4: Introduction to Document Control

  • Elements of Documents
  • Process Approach to Documentation
  • Identifying Documents and their Owners
  • Types of Documents
  • Master Document List
  • Document Control
  • Revisions and Maintenance
  • Tips for Document Writers

Lesson 5: Introduction to Management Review

  • Making Management Review relevant to Management
  • What will be reviewed?
  • Establishing the Objectives
  • Planning the Management Review
  • Output of Management Review

Lesson 6: How to Deal with External Auditors – A Basic Guide for Internal Auditors

  • What is an External Business Continuity Audit?
  • What should an Employee expect during an Audit?
  • How should Employees interact with Auditors?

Lesson 7: ISO 19011:2011 and 17021: 2018

  • Fundamentals of Internal Auditing
  • Decide how to Audit
  • Principles of Auditing

Managing an Audit Programme

  • Preparation & Planning Of Audits
  • Preparation Of checklist

Lesson 8: ISO 19011:2011 and 17021: 2018

Audit Activities

  • Identification of Non-Conformities [N/C’s].
  • Documenting the Audit (Audit Report)
  • Conducting Audit Follow-Up
  • Practical Auditing Exercise

Competence and Evaluation of Auditors.

Lesson 9: Creating a Corrective Action Plan

  • Who participates?
  • What is Root Cause Analysis?
  • When (and when not) to use Root Cause Analysis
  • The Root Cause Analysis Process
  • How to construct a Root Cause Analysis Checklist
  • Examples of how a well-run Root Cause Analysis Process works
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions

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