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Cognicert Business Development Course

Certified by Cognicert Limited www.cognicert.com

Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

Develop competitive business strategies

  • Develop business model using modelling tools
  • Utilize customer’s buying process to offer solutions
  • Improve the customer centric processes
  • Hatch new products and improve existing products
  • Identify and exploit business opportunities for growth
  • Improve sales results

Course Content:

  • How to assess current conditions for the Organisation
    • Tools to evaluate the current state of the organization
    • Understanding how to conduct client analysis
  • Business Model review and development
    • Types of business models
    • Reviewing existing business model
    • Developing the model canvas and business strategies
  • Product development techniques
    • Product ideas generations
    • Product ideas designs, reviews and validation
    • Product prototyping
    • Product lunch and marketing
  • Business Development Process Improvement
    • Business development process mapping
    • Business development process evaluation
    • Business development process Improvement
  • Developing Blue Ocean Strategies
    • Competitors analysis
    • Identifying the blue ocean and your USP
    • Developing Competitive strategies
  • Business Growth strategies
    • Diversification and concentration strategies
    • Opportunity and Risks Management
  • Leveraging social media and electronic marketing
  • Social Media positioning
  • SEO Optimization
  • Website and social media content development and positioning strategies
  • Business Collaboration and Sales Management
    • Partnering strategies
    • Sales strategies implementation
    • Pipeline Management
    • Solutions Selling
    • Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Client retention strategies
    • Cultivating a client centric culture within the organization
    • Committing to minimum service levels as an organization
    • Service satisfaction monitoring
    • Sales Support

Fee: 200,000

Duration: 3 days

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