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Cognicert ISO 41001 Facility Manager Course
This course requires understanding of many factors, including running costs maintenance strategies, health and safety, operational processes, challenges and cost; frauds and other management with opportunities for continuously improving the facility performance according to ISO 41001: 2018. Facility management — Management systems — Requirements with guidance for use.. Participants will also be introduced to the concept of Plan-Do- Check-Act in managing facility with policies, processes, procedures and controls. Participants in the course would:
 Develop their skills and confidence in order that they may provide a quality service to their clients and occupiers Learn how to plan, implement and monitor effective facility management project according to ISO 41001:2018. Facility management — Management systems .
 Develop skills to budget; implement and monitor the budget for effective management of the facility.
 Ensure the compliance of facility procurement to best practices like ISO 18480
 Develop Facility Management Process according ISO 15221-5 Facilities Management Processes

For whom:
 Real Estate Professionals
 Facility Managers and Consultants

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will receive a Cognicert ISO 41001 Facility Manager

Course Content
 Skills, Qualities, Duties
 Attributes required for success as a Premises/Facilities Manager
 The range of duties and responsibilities
Facility Management Planning
 Context of Facility Management
 Environmental aspects of operations
 Facility Stakeholders requirement management
 Legal requirements for operators, vehicles and drivers
 Stakeholders in the Facility management business.
 Insurance for legal liabilities
 Health and Safety Issues:
 An overview of some of the Legislation
 What is demanded of you and of others
 Hazards, Risks, and the basics of Assessment
Facility Operations Management
 Facility utilisation, routing and scheduling systems
 Maintenance and Asset Management
 Identifying/prioritizing/organizing maintenance
 Contracting options for maintenance works
 Maintenance cost and budgeting
 Space Planning:
 The process/players/requirements for success – an overview
 Corporate image/standards/guidelines
 Managing Facility Fraud
 Operational considerations: The Critical Process Issues.
 Facility operational controls: processes and procedure development and improvement.
 Training and improvement
 Facility documents and record management
 Incident and accident management
 Procurement, Contracts and Specifications:
 Basic Contract Law: definitions/essential elements
 Sources of Assistance
 Training and development – including qualifications and accreditation
 Using consultants and others
 Outsourcing / selecting assistance
Facility performance monitoring and Evaluation
 Monitoring and auditing techniques and evidences
 Use of ICT in Facility Management
 Monitoring and evaluating drivers performance
 Auditing Facility Performance
 Evaluating and Reviewing Facility Activities
Improving Facility performance
 Implementing Corrective actions
 Risk Mitigation and Preventive actions

Training Methodologies
 Case Study
 Individual Exercises
 Role Play
 Group Exercises
 Group Presentation
 Examination
Duration: 5 days

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