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  • July 18, 2018
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This course requires understanding of many factors, including running costs maintenance strategies, health and safety, operational processes, challenges and cost; frauds and other aspects of ship management with  opportunities for continuously improving the Ship performance and ensuring safety according to International Safety Management Code, International Ship and Port Facility Security Code and ISO 55001 (Assets Management System). This course will provide the participants with the skills and knowledge to work in functional areas of the shipping sector. It also provides the opportunity to gain knowledge on the regulations and processes of ship management. Participants will also be introduced to the concept of Plan-Do- Check-Act in managing ship with policies, processes, procedures and controls.

For whom:

Ship Owners, Shipping Supervisor and Ship Manager


Upon successful completion of this programme, you will receive a BRASI Certificate in Ship Management from BRASI USA

Course Content

This course will provide the students with the skills and knowledge to work in functional areas of shipping sector. The students will be trained and prepared to undertake employment oriented projects. It will also give an all round information on various aspects like ship management. In addition the course will deal with the following:

  • Introduction to Shipping
  • Maritime Conventions and Ships Registration
  • Ship Management Planning
    • Context of Ship Management
    • Ship Stakeholders requirement management
    • Legal Aspects of Shipping and Maritime Law
    • Stakeholders in the ship management business.
    • Ship Risk Management according to ISO 28007
    • Accident prevention and Insurance for legal liabilities
  • Ship Operations Management
  • Technical Management
    • Alternative Fuels for Shipping
    • Vessel Life Cycle Management
    • Ship Building
    • Dry-docking
    • Recycling
    • Ship maintenance and administrative systems
    • Maintenance cost and budgeting
  • Procurement Management
    • Making Outsourcing decision
    • Procurement procedures and processes
    • Control of outsourced processes
  • Financial Management
    • Shipping Finance and Insurance
    • Determining shipping tariffs
  • Operations and Process Management
    • Operational considerations:  The Critical Process Issues.
    • Ship operational controls: processes and procedure development and improvement.
    • Managing Logistics Fraud
    • Ship utilisation, routing and scheduling systems
    • Loading and load security
    • Port and Terminal Management
  • Human Resource Management
    • Managing Crew for performance
    • Crew Management, Employment, Training and Certification Course
  • Safety and Security Management
    • Maritime Security and the Evolution of Piracy
    • Site safety and security according to ISMS and ISPS Codes
  • Shipping documents and record management
    • Processes and procedures
    • Internal Control Structure
  • Ship performance monitoring and Evaluation
    • Monitoring and auditing techniques and evidences
    • Use of ICT in ship Management
    • Monitoring and evaluating Crew performance
    • Auditing Ship Performance
    • Evaluating and Reviewing Ship Activities
  • Improving Ship performance
    • Implementing Corrective actions
    • Risk Mitigation and Preventive actions

Training Methodologies

  • Case Study
  • Individual Exercises
  • Role Play
  • Group Exercises
  • Group Presentation
  • Examination

Venue: DU&T Consulting Office
Actual Fee: N220,000 per participant (to cover training material and certification) 15% discount on more than 10 participants

Registration Details: DU&T Consulting, 0016102526 GTBank Plc
Enquiry:  08182704266 or info@dutconsulting.com

DU&T Consulting, 5 Afisman Drive, Anifowose, Ikeja, Lagos.  www.dutconsulting.com

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