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(Based on ISO ISO 37301:2021 Compliance Management Systems) 

 Learning Objectives

The train is focused on developing professionals that can provide reasonable Compliance of products, manpower and equipment throughout the organisation. Participants will understand the tools and techniques to:

  • Recognize, identify and report a threat to the Compliance
  • Understand Compliance best practices
  • Understand the benefits of a Compliance program
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, approaches, standards, methods and techniques required for the effective management of a Compliance Management System
  • Understand the relationship between the components of a Compliance Management System, including risk management, controls and compliance with the requirements of different stakeholders of the organization
  • Develop the knowledge and skills required to advise organizations on best practices in the management of Compliance
  • Improve the capacity for analysis and decision making in the context of Compliance management

Who Should Attend

  • Compliance Officers, Compliance Manager, Internal Control Managers, Internal Auditors and Human Resources Managers

Course Content

  • Principles of Compliance
  • Understanding the organization in compliance context
  • Identification of compliance obligations
  • Scope of the compliance management system
  • Analyze Compliance stakeholder expectations
  • Regulatory Authorities, laws and compliance
    • Regulated agent concept
    • Customs Compliance regulations
  • Develop Compliance Policy and Objectives
  • Develop metrics, performance indicators and dashboards
  • Develop Statement of application
  • Identify Business partners and their contributory risks
  • Compliance reviews of business partners
  • Determine and design Compliance processes and procedures
  • Identification of the scope of Compliance assessment
  • Conduction of the Compliance assessment
  • Determining and assigning Assessment personnel
  • Assessment process
  • Develop the Compliance plan
  • Execute the Compliance plan
  • Document and monitor the Compliance process
  • Promote a culture of continual improvement
  • Plan and implement actions required after a Compliance incident
  • Protection of the Compliance information
  • Introduction to management systems and the process approach
  • Selection of the approach and methodology for Compliance risk assessment
  • Compliance risk management (identification, analysis and treatment of risk)
  • Implementation of a document management framework
  • Implement processes, procedures and controls
  • Maximizing your personnel, equipment and budget
  • Best practice for recruitment, training and people management
  • Development of a training & awareness program and communication about the Compliance
  • Planning of measures to control compliance risks
  • Building a Compliance culture among non-Compliance personnel
  • Behaviour and culture Communication and documentation
  • Operation Implementation of controls for compliance (technical, procedural, directing the attitude and behaviour of personnel)
  • Performance evaluation Monitoring of compliance, application of indicators
  • Analysis of information and reporting of results (internal and external)
  • Internal Audit and Management Review

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