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  • December 26, 2017
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Succession planning include proper HR planning, career path development, Training, mentoring and coaching. This  will prepare internal resources for internal opportunities. This programme is aimed addressing the four cornerstones of the of leadership.

The four cornerstones are:

  1. Common understanding – about the organisation’s goals and priorities through the communication and understanding of the organisational planning and if relevant to the business unit or team plan.
  2. Clear expectations – around what is expected of us via our performance plans, the role we play, through our job descriptions and accountabilities, what we’re good at and what we need to improve through feedback and coaching.
  3. Commitment – to our work and to the company based on a meaningful experience of being managed through regular coaching and feedback and a focus on growing and developing.
  4. Competencies – which define what behaviours we need to exhibit to be successful in our roles – these are built through feedback and learning.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Co-ordinate practical applications concerning knowledge management in your work environments
  • Design, implement, evaluate and monitor Management systems that incorporate an organisation’s work-culture and align with its vision, mission and set objectives
  • Validate personal and subordinates performance measures in an ethical and cost-effective manner for all employees
  • Appreciate the performance appraisal as a development tool as against object of discipline/ reward.
  • Understand the techniques for monitoring, evaluating, reporting and coordinating organizational activities.
  • Conduct effective appraisal for your subordinate.


  1. Job Analysis for present and prospective positions
  2. Personal Effectiveness
  3. Strategic Thinking and planning
  4. Monitoring and evaluation skills
  5. Performance management
  6. Team Building
  7. Report Writing
  8. Persuasive Skills
  9. Business Ethics
  10. Time management/goal setting
  11. Creactivity in the workplace
  12. Ownership Mentality
  13. Interpersonnal Skills
  14. Team Spirit
  15. Leadership
  16. Giving Feedback
  17. Develop an action plan


All Managers, HODs and Supervisors with promotion potentials


  • Know, Want to learn and Learnt Approach
  • Carry out Assigned Business tasks
  • Practical Consultancy engagement with recommendations for clients
  • Be trained and Train others
  • Individual exercises
  • One month engagement with daily activity report
  • Action plan

FEE: N300, 000 per participant (to cover Training, materials, Folder and DU&T certificate). Lunch will be provided by upon agreement

Venue: DU&T Consultancy

DATE:  Subject to signing on

Time: 8am-3pm daily

RFP: info@dutconsulting.com / 08189870109

DU&T Consulting 5 Afisman Drive, Anifowose, Ikeja, Lagos. www.dutconsulting.com

DU&T Consulting