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Global markets demand skilled practitioners who can support the management of complicated corporate supply chains. Procurement and contract management represent one of such complicated component of the supply chain management. In fact is has been tagged one of the possible weakest link of supply chain as its input determine the quality of a corporate output. Our Procurement and Contract Management courses will help practitioners with skills needed to support supply chain functions, and essential business skills to enable them to advance in their careers. it is very crucial for businesses to operate effectively, and procurement is one of the areas that businesses can gain a lot in terms of operations and profits. Participants will learn from our Procurement and contract Management courses  skills for effective planning, procurement, contract management and improvement according to the requirements of the ISO 37500:2014 Guidelines on Outsourcing.


TARGET AUDIENCE Purchasing and Supply Officers, Contract and Procurement Managers and other executives engaged in procuring activities


The objective of providing the programme is to enable participants add value to the business processes through:

  • Better administration of the procurement process to meet expected objectives of stakeholders
  • Understanding and applying  quality standards both in negotiation and procurement services
  • Evaluate the current procurement system and offer options to aid effective procurement
  • Ensuring that all procurement is made from suppliers who have been assessed as being able to deliver the specified technical and quality requirement
  • Reducing the cost base, controlling quality, improving operational efficiency and protecting the commercial position
  • Applying a common graded approach to Quality management in the procurement process
  • Align sub-contracts and processes with customer requirements
  • Optimizing the size of the supplier base
  • Optimizing the decision to source internally from the external supply chain
  • Ensuring the capacity to plan, implement and evaluate a sourcing process appropriate to the value/risk of the category being procured
  • The knowledge of what rules and procedures govern procurement- and why they exist
  • Ensuring that the evaluation, contract development and contract administration process associated with procurement is adequately managed.

COURSE CONTENT                                                                            

The service provider shall propose a course content considering the objectives and outcomes specified above. The under-listed key aspects are however considered very essential:

Service supply chain

Fundamentals of procurement

Roles and responsibilities of procurement in an organization

Competencies required for procurement staff

Scope of procurement

Procurement and sourcing management

Development of supply strategies

Introduction and strategic sourcing

Purchasing performance evaluation

Supplier price and cost analysis

Value analysis

Purchasing and supply negotiations

Supply contracts administration and management

Legal aspects of purchasing, sourcing and contracts

The scope of procurement

The planning process

The interaction between the different managerial functions and procurement

The process of procurement

The required documentation (bidding documents)

Receiving and evaluating offers

Award of contract

Ethical considerations in procurement

formal communication between stakeholders

managing corruption, nepotism and fraud ( ISO/PAS 17001:2005 // ISO /PAS 17004: 2005)

The means and methods of procurement

Tendering procedures

Direct contracting procedure

Contract Management –

project cycle management

Procurement Planning

Implementation of procurement

Contract Inspection and Supervision

Contract Monitoring and Evaluation

Contract Audits

Logistics management and expediting deliveries

modes of transportation and typical delivery lead times

freight forwarding arrangements

customs clearance procedures and documentation



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