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  • June 1, 2017
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Are you interested in future opportunities in a variety of careers accessed or aided by a Bachelor of Business Administration degree? Time spent studying business is time well spent. The BBA at CBU will prepare you to analyze a business situation, identify alternative responses and resolve business difficulties. If you intend to have a career in any of the professions, in private sector or public sector management, or intend to run your own business a BBA degree will help develop and sharpen your business skills. Programs within the BBA core courses place an emphasis on a broad range of business topics – accounting, marketing, finance, human resources, and economics. You have the option to study elective courses in many areas including: law, tourism, IT, the arts, health, sports, sciences, engineering.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Supply Chain Management

The newest addition to Cape Breton University’s Bachelor of Business Administration Program provides a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating challenges that companies face in today’s global networked economy.

Demand is high for supply chain management professionals in Canada and abroad. Employers want people who have the ability to see the business as a system. This program aims to prepare students to enter the workforce with a broader understanding of supply chain management and logistics. Read more!

Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Accounting

Do you have an aptitude for numbers? Do you want to assist with decision making by possessing the ability to analyze, compare and interpret business statements competently and quickly? Computers have changed the world of accounting but have not reduced the demand for accountants. An Accounting Major allows you to have a career placement shortly after graduation with numerous opportunities for steady career advancement.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Marketing

Identifying the market and the customers is fundamental to business success. Successful businesses communicate the strengths of the business, track and respond to changes in consumer preferences and understand marketing strategy. Start your career in Marketing by studying at CBU.

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