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  • February 4, 2017
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Hiring Locations:


Role Priorities / Responsibilities:


·         determining, negotiating and agreeing in-house quality procedures, standards and/or specifications

·         assessing customer requirements and ensuring that these are met

·         setting customer service standards

·         specifying quality requirements of raw materials with suppliers

·         investigating and setting standards for quality/health and safety

·         ensuring that manufacturing processes comply with standards at both national and international level

·         working with operating staff to establish procedures, standards, systems and procedures

·         writing management/technical reports and customers’ charters

·         determining training needs

·         acting as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance/quality

·         directing objectives to maximise profitability

·         recording, analysing and distributing statistical information

·         monitoring performance

·         supervising technical or laboratory staff.
2 _ 5 Years

Qualification or Certification required (if applicable):

·         Confidence

·         Excellent technical skills

·         Organisational skills

·         Planning skills

·         Interpersonal skills

·         Communication skills

·         Problem solving skills

·         Teamworking skills

·         IT skills

·         Communication skills.

It is also essential to have good numerical skills and an understanding of statistics

A degree or HND in Chemical Engineer or any Science related courses.

Details: Here

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