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  • March 31, 2015
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 Institute of Supply Chain Management UK

Membership and Certification in Nigeria

The Institute of Supply Chain Management was formed as the first international institute representing the interests of the supply chain industry across the world and truly encompassing all aspects of supply chain operations from purchasing to manufacturing, logistics to general management.


As Supply Chain Professionals in Logistics, Transport, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Freight, Purchasing/ Procurement, and Shipping, you are expected to join the first recognised institute covering all aspects of supply chain management. The institute Offers Examinations and Direct Conversion Opportunity (for experienced professionals only). The criterion is to become a member and then apply for exams or direct conversion (IoSCM Recognition of Achievement).

Steps to becoming a member

1. Read the attached qualification criteria

2. Pay the registration fee of £20/N5,000 into the account: DU&T Consulting. Account Number:0016102526 @ GT Bank Plc

3. Complete the attached form (Membership Application Form) choosing a membership level for you which you are qualified based on the attached  criteria (Click)

4. Attach the completed form with your CV and credentials and send to info@dutconsulting.com.

5. We shall evaluate this and send to IoSCM for further assessment.

6. You will receive mail of the membership level for which the committee decides.

7. Then you will be expected to pay as given below:


Student Membership Fees

Membership status             Abbreviation      Fee               Level

Learner                                    LSCM                     £40/N15,000        Entry/ Pre Employment

Affiliate                                  AfSCM                   £55 /N20,000        1

Member                                 MSCM                     £55/N20,000          2

Associate                               ASCM                     £62/ N22,000         3

Professional                         PSCM                      £75/ N25,000         5

Expert                                     ESCM                    £75/ N25,000           6

Consultant                            CSCM                    £125/ N33,000          7

Fellow                                     FSCM                    £145/ N40,000         8

Examination Registration process

  • Purchase and complete the application form
  • Purchase the online or paper study materials
  • Attend online and/or Classroom preparatory sessions


For further details click:

IOSCM Qualifications Brochure  or

IoSCM DUT Consulting Brochure



IoSCM Strategic Partner

DU&T Consulting

John Aderibigbe



or   08182704266/ amaka@dutconsulting.com


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